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John Figarelli, personal trainer by trade, found himself more than 35 lbs. overweight due to stress, over-eating, under-exercising, more stress...all the usual stuff to which most of us can relate.


He decided that enough was enough and developed Drop20now - the EZ Home Weight & Exercise Program, a new and totally unique program that most everyone can do.  Now 28 lbs lighter, he continues to improve both his program and his personal fitness, working on the sequel - Drop20more Program coming out soon!  

He can help you reach your goals, if your are ready to be helped.

I want to help you, "Get Fit & Stay Healthy." and lose a few pounds.  
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Coach John Figarelli is the creator of the Drop20now.com Program, founder of the 
National Fitness Hall of Fame & Minooka Tennis Club and the son of the living legend, "Don "The Don of Sports" Figarelli