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More Testimonials for the Drop20Now Program

“I’d like to start out by saying that John is a great motivator.  He gets everyone believing that they can do it, that all it takes is a little commitment, and it works.  I have never been in better shape.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to fit into pants that have been sitting in my closet for over 2 years.”  ~ Pat M.

“Ever since I left college, I’ve felt I’ve been carrying around an extra 25lbs.  I never liked the idea of ‘diet’ programs because they always seem so restricting.  I decided to try your program (Drop20Now) because it emphasized exercise and promised to educate about nutrition.  I lost 20 lbs. and now make better choices.  I have more energy and actually look forward to working out now!”  Carla R.

“This program helped me get back on track after being a mom for the second time.  I found that the exercise routine and nutrition plan work well together.  Drop20Now will increase your metabolism and burn stored fat!”  ~ Isa M.

"This program is great.  Not only did I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I also lost a few extra pounds beyond that.  There are no gimmicks.  From someone who used to hate to exercise - now it has become part of my life.  I really recommend this program!"  ~ Barb M.